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Improving Heat Saving From Sash Windows

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Getting the best from your double glazed Sash windows

It may be that you are thinking that one replacement sash window is just as good as another when it comes to saving from losing heat and that could be true for you unless you knew about a few innovations that are not included as standard, but can make quite a difference in terms of energy saving properties and can also impact on the cost guide.

Improving Heat Saving From Sash WindowsTwo of the small items that can have a significant effect are

1) spacers

2) weather seals.

The spacers fitted inside the double glazed sealed glass panes can transfer some heat, especially some metal versions, this can be greatly eliminated by using ‘warm edge spacers’ which a far better at insulation.

The weather seals are small brush like seals which run around the edge of the windows and are the key to keeping out draughts and water penetration caused by capillary action.

Just paying attention to these 2 small things could save you money in the long run.


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