Conservatory or Re-modelling?

Buying ConservatoriesWhich is the best option for your family home, buying conservatories or building traditional extensions? The decision can be subject to, not only personal preference but also financial considerations.

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In general, the UK allows conservatories to be built without planning permission, as long as they do not exceed certain dimensions. This factor alone could make installing a conservatory a much more attractive option due to the reduced timescales and lower expenses.

However, this will only hold good if you are note going for a very big conservatory, as that might need planning permission also.

All other factors being equal, conservatories can usually be built in a shorter timescale and if the floor space is the same size it will also be less expensive to build.

The added value of a conservatory to the house selling price may not be as great as that gained from building a brick extension.

In summary, if you are looking for a speedy way to extend the house by a single room, a conservatory could be the answer.

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Buying Conservatories or Extending Your House?