Modern Doors: Know the Benefits of Garage Doors

garage doors

The upward-lifting garage door was first invented by C.G. Johnson in 1921. Also, he invented the electric garage door opener in the year 1926. Further, the one-piece overhead type garage doors were invented by Leno Martin in 1936.

A garage door is a large door that is installed in the entrance of a garage. Garage doors can be either opened manually or with the help of a garage door opener.

These modern doors are large enough to allow cars, SUVs, trucks and other heavy vehicles to enter the garage.

Different types of garage doors available in the market today are single panel doors, sectional doors and roller doors (Want to learn more?).

Installing modern doors in your garage have several benefits, including:

  • Appearance: The contemporary equipment is robust, attractive and stylish. They come in a variety of catchy colors, designs, shapes and materials. These devices can be customized to meet your specific conditions. You can choose a door based on your personal requirements. Also, unlike the heavy wooden devices, the modern equipment is very light in weight and easy to install.
  • Advanced technology: This contemporary equipment offers a unique combination of style and technology. The traditional garage devices require the driver to come out of the car and open the door manually. This can cause a lot of inconvenience and wastage of time. The modern garage equipment are designed keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of people. These modern doors are easy to install and operate and very efficient. Most of these modern equipment features remote-controlled opening and closing systems. The driver no longer has to stop the car and come out to open the door. He can drive inside the garage with ease.
  • Strength and safety: The modern doors are tougher and more durable as compared to the traditional garage equipment. They have a lot more strength than the conventional wooden equipment. Most of the modern doors are impact and fire resistant. They are also resistant towards slamming, wear and tear and other intrusions. These devices are made from highly durable materials and last longer than the traditional wooden doors. These doors are equipped with multiple-locking systems. These advanced doors provide high degree of security. Installing this modern equipment can help you to keep away the intruders from your garage and keep your vehicles safe.
  • Easy to maintain: The material used to manufacture the modern devices makes them very easy and economical to maintain. These doors have extremely smooth and non-porous surface. They can be cleaned with the help of water. Further, you need not paint these devices frequently like conventional wooden devices.
Know the Benefits of Garage Doors